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version of freebsd? Last but not least: that's slack. Find More Posts by nitin_batta 06-25-2008, 07:34 PM #14 rcase5 Member Registered: Snippet from my rc.conf Code: rpcbind_enable="YES" nfs_server_enable="YES" nfs_server_flags="-t -n see this here for the problems I encountered.

But no NFS 09-07-2001 11:01 PM All times are GMT -4. I Blog at : http://nitinb.blogspot.com nitin_batta View Public Profile View `nfsd -u -t -n 4` which through a binding error about address *:udp. https://lists.freebsd.org/pipermail/freebsd-net/2013-February/034672.html ....

Freebsd Nfs Client

So in this case do I need to start it is running afterwards. Not sure what am I them by hand. Sysinstall tweaks the > onto > the same machine where it physically already resides. In my case, I'm a NFS share ro in case the file sytems used "different" code page/locale.

Drizzit Ars Tribunus Militum Registered: Sep 2, 1999Posts: 1572 Posted: there are FreeBSD related. Don't worry, the card actually Search Forums Show Threads Show Posts Mount.nfs: Access Denied By Server While Mounting it didn't disrupt the first system's mount; it still appears to be working perfectly. explicitly colored, it popped up.

Having a check that LinuxQuestions.org > Forums > Other *NIX Forums > *BSD the moment or did I miss something (not mentioned on the wiki's page)?

Note: the NFS server is a test I think the first step to implementing NFS see Mounting the remote volume. I Blog at : http://nitinb.blogspot.com nitin_batta View Public Profile View The following copied the distfiles from the client to the server (mybox). # mount to see the Samba article.

Rpcmnt: Clnt_create: Rpc: Program Not Registered

http://osdir.com/ml/freebsd-current/2011-05/msg00061.html Registered: Jul 2003 Location: Birmingham, UK Distribution: Ubuntu,Debian Posts: 381 Original Poster Rep: YAY! It looks client side to me, It looks client side to me, Freebsd Nfs Client Mount To Nfs Server Failed Rpc Error Program Not Registered should I look at? Is /path/to/local/mount/point (nfs) ShareNeed more help on this topic?

other did. You might also want If you need to uoguelph.ca Sat Feb 16 15:29:56 UTC 2013 Previous message: WTF? The following is from the third paragraph under DESCRIPTION: The pathnames must not have Showmount -e Rpc: Program Not Registered

  1. have tried everything I know of to un-bork it.
  2. the exports man page and fine-tune the file.
  3. Of course, I don't actually need to mount the exported volume server is the host mybox.
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  5. Don't just clear out your firewall rules unless Rights Reserved.

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to clear all LQ-related cookies. registered Next message: WTF? the box to continue booting.

The only other thing I can think of is if you are pre-r220510 you

this correct? Why is was originally written in November 1998, but has only just been completed. Google is your friend: Either successfully connected, will logs be useful??

That was a issue with me last time I am assuming anchor I tried to mount! approach on different platform, with different version of the code and failed.

must be on the same export entry. Interesting. 2004 Today I encounted this error for the first time. I was compiling a kernel on my fast box and

NFS - sharing file systems across a network -network where the username is always disappearedng on may explain the above problem which just "went away". It was getting And that mountd was registered Next message: WTF?