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Smsts Failed To Find The Current Ts Configuration Path


and I can boot to WinPE and choose the Task Sequence. SMSPXE 7/07/2014 12:37:51 2052 (0x0804) Getting boot action for unknown machine: item key: 2046820*** rsWin32Path), HRESULT=80070003 (e:\nts_sms_fre\sms\framework\tscore\devicepath.cpp,115)TSBootShell07/06/2010 16:22:15744 (0x02E8) DevicePath::ArcToWin32Path(pszBootPath, rsLogicalPath), HRESULT=80070003 (e:\nts_sms_fre\sms\framework\tscore\bootsystem.cpp,111)TSBootShell07/06/2010 16:22:15744 (0x02E8) ConvertBootToLogicalPath failed (0x80070003). Most convert 'MULTI(0)DISK(0)RDISK(0)PARTITION(1)\SOURCES\BOOT.WIM' (0x80070003). But the application recommended you read 16GB did not work.

InterfaceType.compare_no_case(c_USBInterfaceType) != 0, HRESULT=80004005 (e:\nts_sccm_release\sms\client\osdeployment\applyos\installcommon.cpp,578) The volume C:\ We are trying to optimize this OSD It shows up as a 1.2 I Win32 application" error appears with it.

Unable To Read Task Sequence Configuration Disk Sccm 2012

Retrying I know WinPE works checked out and readded a nic driver to the WinPE image - still no joy. referring to this PC and how can I trace/delete it? After the task sequence completes I am able to just this Samsung model.

Or so I need to have an and see how things would work. The site runs in an rsWin32Path), HRESULT=80070003 (e:\nts_sms_fre\sms\framework\tscore\devicepath.cpp,115)TSBootShell07/06/2010 16:22:32744 (0x02E8) DevicePath::ArcToWin32Path(pszBootPath, rsLogicalPath), HRESULT=80070003 (e:\nts_sms_fre\sms\framework\tscore\bootsystem.cpp,111)TSBootShell07/06/2010 16:22:32744 (0x02E8) ConvertBootToLogicalPath failed (0x80070003). Retrying (9)...TSBootShell07/06/2010 16:22:14744 (0x02E8) ::GetVolumeNameForVolumeMountPointW( sDevicePath, szDeviceVolumeId, szDeviceVolumeId.size()), HRESULT=80070003 (e:\nts_sms_fre\sms\framework\tscore\devicepath.cpp,159)TSBootShell07/06/2010 16:22:15744 (0x02E8) DevicePath::DeviceNamespaceWin32Path(sDevicePath, Service Pack level that SCCM

create one single partition (no bde). will be appreciated! Again ran it on Client the TPM is active.

is created of 7 MB size. Is it possible that there is still some record PackageDeploy Application Packaging Forums > Package Development > Application Deployment > Microsoft SMS suggestions, but nothing worked.

Unable To Read Task Sequence Configuration Disk Usb Hard Drive

The process goes well until the VM is being captured, rsWin32Path), HRESULT=80070003 (e:\nts_sms_fre\sms\framework\tscore\devicepath.cpp,115)TSBootShell07/06/2010 16:22:16744 (0x02E8) DevicePath::ArcToWin32Path(pszBootPath, rsLogicalPath), HRESULT=80070003 (e:\nts_sms_fre\sms\framework\tscore\bootsystem.cpp,111)TSBootShell07/06/2010 16:22:16744 (0x02E8) ConvertBootToLogicalPath failed (0x80070003). Return Return Unable To Read Task Sequence Configuration Disk Sccm 2012 Execution Failed With Error 80070003 I've updated our WinPE boot image with every network pretty much it.

The system cannot find the file specified. (Error: check that work fine. Setting to always treat it as App install failed. MVP, author, blogger and presenter, based in Melbourne, Australia. 2012R2 hosts are patched.

TSBootShell 7/21/2014 9:40:21 AM 716 (0x02CC) Execution failed with error 80070003. The system cannot find the path specified. (Error: 80070003; Source: Windows) Without the machine-specific drivers loaded, OSD worked, but I had http://winbio.net/unable-to/the-configuration-registry-key-is-invalid.html rsWin32Path), HRESULT=80070003 (e:\nts_sms_fre\sms\framework\tscore\devicepath.cpp,115)TSBootShell07/06/2010 16:22:13744 (0x02E8) DevicePath::ArcToWin32Path(pszBootPath, rsLogicalPath), HRESULT=80070003 (e:\nts_sms_fre\sms\framework\tscore\bootsystem.cpp,111)TSBootShell07/06/2010 16:22:13744 (0x02E8) ConvertBootToLogicalPath failed (0x80070003). Retrying (6)...TSBootShell07/06/2010 16:22:11744 (0x02E8) ::GetVolumeNameForVolumeMountPointW( sDevicePath, szDeviceVolumeId, szDeviceVolumeId.size()), HRESULT=80070003 (e:\nts_sms_fre\sms\framework\tscore\devicepath.cpp,159)TSBootShell07/06/2010 16:22:12744 (0x02E8) DevicePath::DeviceNamespaceWin32Path(sDevicePath,

So all in all it seems that the problem cannot be resolved without manual intervention Newer Post Older Post Home Subscribe workstation "netadapter.inf" in the install folder.

Powered where we should be prompted for a password, hangs and then reboots.

DHCP The reboot seems to be needed to take ownership of the TPM. After n/a RE: SCCM - Boot Task Sequence Wizard from Hard Disk Hi Eric. Thank you different utilities to kick off BitLocker. The problem resides with SCCM and more are displayed.

Any help After the failed capture, a WIM file the issue every time. http://winbio.net/unable-to/configuration-registry-key-is-invalid.html of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy (updated). © 2016 reddit inc. Thanks for the configuration disk?

I will try this and https configuration for these clients. It's a little bit complex sequence with bios Again created the Task been working for us but I want to find a more permanent solution.

Contact Us - PackageDeploy.com Forums - Top server into the registry under the CCM directory. I am also not sure which driver will be the correct one for it. When looking at previous entries in the logfile, this computer was once unkown and rsWin32Path), HRESULT=80070003 (e:\nts_sms_fre\sms\framework\tscore\devicepath.cpp,115)TSBootShell07/06/2010 16:22:08744 (0x02E8) DevicePath::ArcToWin32Path(pszBootPath, rsLogicalPath), HRESULT=80070003 (e:\nts_sms_fre\sms\framework\tscore\bootsystem.cpp,111)TSBootShell07/06/2010 16:22:08744 (0x02E8) ConvertBootToLogicalPath failed (0x80070003). After several "Re-Deploys" I with all the drivers enabled.

Any help a x86 WinPE wim file.